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Fix your hacked website from just £60* Our work is guaranteed. If the hack reoccurs our security experts will fix it for FREE If your hacked website can not be fixed, there is NO CHARGE

Salvage My Site can help if your website:

  • Has been disabled by your webhost due to malware or spam complaints
  • Shows pharmaceutical or porn adverts under your google listing
  • Has been defaced
  • Contains links that you didn't add
  • Your website no longer loads or is full of strange error messages

We deal with websites that experience the above problems every day.  A conversation with us costs you nothing, so if we can't help, then at least you'll be better informed.

Are your visitors being warned that your website has been hacked, contains malware or is engaging in phishing activities?

If any of the following images are familiar, we can help!

Search providers and web browsers show these messages to warn visitors that your site is compromised and may infect their own machines, or cause them financial loses.

If we can't help, you pay nothing

Fix my siteget your free investigation now

What you can expect from us

  1. Free initial telephone consultation

    We'll discuss your issues and request information to allow us to proceed further.

  2. Investigation

    Our security experts will identify the attacker's entry point and identify malware locations.

  3. Estimate provided

    Based on our investigations, we will provide you with an estimate based on our hourly rate of £60* per hour. In the vast majority of cases our work is completed within 1 hour.

  4. Undertake the necessary action

    We patch the vulnerability that provided access to the attacker and clean your site of malware.

  5. Final Report

    Our report outlines our findings, what we've done to fix your problem, and provides some preventative advice for the future.

We've helped these companies

"Our attempts to fix our hacked site resulted in the same thing a few days later.

Salvage My Site removed the hacked pages, patched the initial hack and secured the site against future attacks. Highly recommended."

Karen HoustonOcean Village

"Salvage My Site solved the problem straight away and advised on changes to prevent the problem recurring.

We have been impressed with their fast response, technical know how and on-going support and would highly recommended them."

Terry WhitmoreHenniker Scientific

Wondering why you've been hacked?

90% of attacks are purely monetery motived, everything is aimed to drive traffic to the attackers illegal money making ventures (generally pharmaceuticals, porn or scams).  The other 10% are hackers perfecting their skills and posting evidence to obtain prestige.

Our Expertise

Our team consists of Systems Administrators (servers) and Software Engineers (programmers) with over 10 years experience in their relative fields.  Additionally we have over 5 years experience investigating and fixing website intrusions (hacks).

We write about website security too

How many Passwords do you use? written by Simon Stevens and updated on 20 April, 2015

We have talked previously about what constitutes a strong password and how we go about creating one.  But what happens if you use that password for every site you visit?

In October 2012, Adobe (makers of Photoshop amongst others) experienced an intrusion on a truly epic scale. Hackers stole 150 million passwords, so if you had an account with Adobe, the likelihood is that your password, username and email address are now public knowledge.

So now hackers have your Adobe password, and they will try that on common services like Gmail, Amazon, and many other sites that hold sensitive data on you.

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