NO setup fees.  NO minimum term.  NO cancellation fees.

Managed secure managed hosting with a dedicated account manager


Large perfect for resellers and popular websites


VPS high performance, highly secure flexible private virtual server


Dedicated maximum performance and security ideal for e-commerce and pci compliance

12GB 30GB 90GB n/a
50GB 75GB 350GB 350GB
50 75
50 75
200 200
200 200
£0 £0 £0 £0
£0 £0 £0 £0
none none none none
  £605 per Year £55 per Month Buy Now £165 per Quarter £1210 per Year £110 per Month Buy Now £175 per Month Buy Now £1925 per Year £3289 per Year £299 per Month Contact Us £897 per Quarter

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Don't stress about which package you sign up with, we realise that company needs change regularly.  If you need to upgrade to an account with more resources then we will happily provide you with a pro-rata upgrade.  If you need to downgrade, then we can credit your account on a pro-rata basis too!