At 3DPixel we exclusively use Supermicro servers. Performance, reliability, power consumption, IPMI, give us the performance and flexibility to provide a high quality hosting environment.

  1. Supermicro systems. Over 90% 111T Chassis and X8DTL-6F mainboards.
  2. Hynix / Corsair DDR3 ECC / Fully Buffered Memory.
  3. SATA-3 Solid State Drives in RAID1 redundancy configuration.

Our Software

All our servers operate the Slackware Linux operating system. On top of this we install a 100% custom self-configured set of applications, daemons and scripts known as Mantis. We then insert a custom self built security system called Smursh which locks down and actively protects the server against attacks and threats found when operating in a web hosting environment.

We built, and control all aspects of the operating environment. We are not reliant on third party configurations or control panels. We feel this gives us unparalleled support ability for you and your websites.

Technology List

Apache, NGINX, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Dovecot, Postfix, Amavis, Spamassassin, DKIM, Domainkeys, DMARC, Fail2ban, Awstats, PHPMyAdmin, Roundcube.

Slackware, Mantis, Trap25, Smursh Agent.