An update on our bespoke "Mantis" Control Panel written by Alan Ogden and updated on 18 October, 2013

Just a quick update on our mantis platform. There has been some heavy work in the robustness and performance of the mantis platform in the last few weeks.

We are running mantis in effective beta with several dedicated clients and hosting some popular sites that you may have seen. Mantis continues to mature, and the upgrade process to the latest secure daemons is well established.

Our focus now is the integration of our systems into mantis. i.e. how a customer can interact and add domains, edit email addresses, add autorespoders etc etc... all the things you would expect from a control panel.

We have coded all the individual components of the interface. It's now just a case of consolidating them into a coherent interface ready for public beta.

We consider the main platform to be now stable and of high performance with an outstanding security model.

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