Are you wasting time redesigning when you should be overhauling? written by Simon Stevens and updated on 17 September, 2013

When we starting our much needed and long overdue website redesign we experimented with mockups internally.  We even went so far as to fully code 1 new design before we decided that it wasn't what we were looking for.

Eventually we commissioned Top Left Design who provided us with the basis (we can't help but tweak and tinker!) of what you see now.  Unfortunately however, we overlooked the obvious:

Our content and products were dated and not suited to the current market.

Once we realised the error of our ways, we re-examine our core products and company focus before deciding on the best way to present these to our audience.  Common sense right?  Why on earth hadn't we done this in the first place.

This was a good lesson to learn though:

"don't redesign, fundamentally overhaul everything from the ground up"

If we'd done that, we'd have saved ourselves a lot of wasted time having to redesign the pages in question to fit with our new message.

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Simon is the resident web developer and co-owner of 3DPixel Ltd. formed March 2003.

Having joined 3DPixel Ltd. in February 2006, Simon adds considerable expertise in client side and server side scripting.

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