What is Salvage My Site? written by Simon Stevens and updated on 16 April, 2015

If you follow us on Twitter you've probably heard us talking about Salvage My Site recently, and if you don't follow us on Twitter, you probably should ;).

So what's this new fangled "Salvage My Site" all about then?  Well actually Salvage My Site has been around for over 4 years, and in that time we've helped hundreds of website owners restore, repair and recover their hacked websites.  

How did it come to be?

An inevitable fact of the internet is that websites get hacked.  Even the most diligent website administrator can fall foul of zero day exploits, and the sad fact is that diligent website administrators are few and far between.

The overwhelming majority of website hosting companies won't lift a finger to help their customers when their site is hacked.  If the hack affects the webhost (e.g. it's being used to send spam email, or is causing high server load) then the host will shut down the site with no warning and contact it's owner to inform them the site won't be re-enabled until they restore from backups (which most administrators do not have).

We've always felt that is a bad attitude for a hosting provider.  Who is a website administrator supposed to turn to for help and advice if not their hosting provider?  So on occasions when our own customers' websites were hacked we would offer assistance in the form of advice, or more frequently by repairing the damage done by the hacker and patching the vulnerability that provided the access.

We used the experience we'd gained fixing our customers' hacked sites to launch Salvage My Site, offering the same service to the public, that our customers have enjoyed.  It's been a great success and over the past 4 years our experience and expertise in dealing with hacked websites has grown and grown.

Ok, so what now?

It became clear to us that not only is Salvage My Site a great service in it's own right, but it also provides a powerful introduction to 3DPixel Managed Hosting.  Infact, many of our customers today are products of that introduction.

In light of this not-so-startling revelation we felt it important to devote more time to the website, to overhaul both it's design, and it's content.  Originally Salvage My Site started out on it's own domain name at salvagemysite.com, but we felt both Salvage My Site and 3DPixel could benefit from being on the same webspace, so we moved it into a mini site at https://3dpixel.uk/salvage-my-site.

We've already added useful content, such as our two password generators (xkcd and strong), our password flow chart for choosing which type to use, and various articles

We soft launched the new mini site about a month ago and it's already providing a noticable increase in cases.

An update on our bespoke "Mantis" Control Panel written by Alan Ogden and updated on 18 October, 2013

Just a quick update on our mantis platform. There has been some heavy work in the robustness and performance of the mantis platform in the last few weeks.

We are running mantis in effective beta with several dedicated clients and hosting some popular sites that you may have seen. Mantis continues to mature, and the upgrade process to the latest secure daemons is well established.

Our focus now is the integration of our 3dpixel.net systems into mantis. i.e. how a customer can interact and add domains, edit email addresses, add autorespoders etc etc... all the things you would expect from a control panel.

We have coded all the individual components of the interface. It's now just a case of consolidating them into a coherent interface ready for public beta.

We consider the main platform to be now stable and of high performance with an outstanding security model.

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