Professional, Expert, Managed Hosting

  • Fast, expert managed hosting support
  • High performance
  • Secure platform
  • Spam control
  • Backup management

Buy Managed Hosting from just £55/pm

Proactive Management

A bespoke control panel, custom security measures, proactive support, high performance systems built by us, an individual account manager.

We think our managed hosting will knock your socks off.

Backup System

We make daily & weekly rolling backups to our offsite backup location as standard.

Trap 25 Spam Control

Set antispam rules on a domain wide basis, or drill down to individual users.

Our managed hosting control panel allows you to set spam thresholds and update your own whitelist and blacklists.

Managed Hosting 'Mantis' Security

Our custom built security platform hardens your platform against web based attacks. Built from the ground up, each layer is hardened providing overall server security whilst maintaining functionality and performance.